About The Neutral Hub

The Neutral Hub was created by Leah, former owner and the creator of The Neutral Events Co. - a neutral softplay and bouncy castle hirer in the North West.

The Neutral Hub is based in Aintree, Liverpool.

Hey, I'm Leah... Founder and creator of The Neutral Hub, and former owner of The Neutral Events Co.

From the beginning I found a niche in the market that no one was providing fun products for children yet nice on the eye for adults and photos. I found people would spend a lot of money on parties for their children and the photos would be ruined by softplay and bouncy castles would be dirty and harsh colours not matching the aesthetic of the rest of the party. 

I wanted to bring to the market products that can be matched to any theme and worthy of being in the instagram photos but still provide the same fun as normal softplay… then it got me thinking VENUES why do they all have red carpet and floral wallpapers…. you wouldn’t believe some of the venues I visited during my TNEC time…

And then the idea of The Neutral Hub was born, a neutral venue with neutral colour flooring and walls that customers can add any decor they like that you can guarantee could match any theme but also be a functioning fun small boutique soft play centre that the children can enjoy.

If your new here The Neutral Events Co. was the first of its kind Neutral softplay, ball pit and bouncy castle hire company in Liverpool covering right across the UK.

I set out on the hunt for a space that ticked all my boxes and 18 months later I got what I wanted and after months of renovations and hard work from my loved ones The Neutral Hub officially opened 24/12/22.

I honestly can’t believe where I am now and what has been achieved in 2 years and it is just the beginning for The Neutral Hub.

The Neutral Hub has you covered

At The Neutral Hub, we have created a space that is aesthetically pleasing for the adults yet fun and calming for the children.

We host special events at various times of the year for special occasions. Check out our socials to see what events we have going on.

Hear more about our story and how the hub came to be here